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Princetown Night Ride

Published: 3 February 2014 · Tags: bike, dartmoor

Princetown Night Ride

One ride I have wanted to do a number of years now is up to Princetown for a night ride back again; stopping for a quick bit of dinner in the pub (the pie was pretty good). This finally happened on sunday gone when Joe and I decided to give it a shot. We took the route I have previously documented, up the Eylesbarrow climb and back down the Widowmaker descent.

 alt: Late Afternoon over Burrator.
Late Afternoon over Burrator.

We left around three in the afternoon, pushing fast out to Burrator Reservoir with the aim of being able to stop easily for regular photo breaks. As we made progress along the trail and the light developed we were disappointed as the horizon started to become more a more hazy, limiting the reach of the views.

 alt: Joe at the top of the Eylesbarrow Climb.
Joe at the top of the Eylesbarrow Climb.

As the last light disappeared we fitted the lights and proceeded the last few hunted meters into Princetown, where we were surprised to find it was mild enough to sit outside for dinner. On the return we briefly stopped on the Widowmaker descent to attempt some night time action photography; this didn’t go so well, so I won’t pain you with the results. It’s not easy when you can’t see the camera, let alone anything through the view finder.

 alt: Last Light.
Last Light.

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