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Snow Day

Published: 4 February 2015 · Tags: photography, dartmoor

The photographic results of a day spent on Dartmoor

The 1st of February turned out to be a good one in the South West. It snowed reasonably heavily on Dartmoor over the weekend which allowed for some fun and games with the camera thanks to Mike, his wife Rebecca and their friends Natalie and Rob.

The day started on a train to Newton Abbot where I jumped in Mikes car before we headed to Fernworthy Reservoir. For me, the photography was somewhat unsuccessful, however I have seen some rather good results from what Mike shot.

We moved on from here relatively quickly, not wanted to get stranded in the dark down the small and frozen lanes. We headed over to Two Bridges where, paused for lunch, and proceeded to walk up Bellever Tor in the snow. The views from the top of here go on for miles, and my photography was much more successful.

 alt: Looking out from the top of Bellever Tor.
Looking out from the top of Bellever Tor

This shot has turned out well, however I’d rather have caught a little more blue in the sky as it’s a bit bright in the centre of the image. All in I think the image worked rather well, has amazing textures and some really nice light hitting the foreground.

The second image I took from Bellever Tor required some focus-stacking which is not something I’ve had to do before. The distant and the mid-ground have come out rather well, both are incredibly sharp and look really good. However the ice and rocks in the foreground to the left could be much sharper; I should have taken a third set of images focused much closure which could have had this one part masked in to bring out the detail.

 alt: A first attempt at focus-stacking. Not great
A first attempt at focus-stacking. Not great, but could’ve been worse.

The final image of the day was taken after Rob and Natalie had headed off, and Mike and I quickly stopped at dusk for a final photoshoot while Mike and Rebecca were kindly dropping me off back in Plymouth.

As we ran up the side of Leedon Tor there was some incredible low-light coming in and lighting up the side of the rocks on the side. Unfortunately while we were getting in position and setting up we lost the light but were hopeful that as the banks of cloud moved across we would get a second show as the light comes underneath the clouds; this didn’t happen.

Despite this, I’m rather pleased with the final image of the day. I particularly like the way the clouds formed around Leedon Tor framing it on the right while the colour balances this by forming to the left.

 alt: Sunset over Leedon Tor.
Sunset over Leedon Tor.

This was a good days photographing Dartmoor, in some locations which aren’t normally easily accessible to me due to my lack of car.

Thanks again to Mike and Rebecca for offering to let me come along for the ride, as well as dropping me back in Plymouth. A secondary thanks has to go out to Rob and Natalie for helping make this a fantastic day.