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Peter Tavy and Fur Tor

Published: 17 April 2015 · Tags: backpacking, exploration, dartmoor, photography

Backpacking to Fur Tor on Dartmoor for the Photography.

It’s not uncommon for Mike and I to meetup on the weekend to head out with our cameras. During the last few months we’ve managed to git quite a few trips in, sometimes for the day and sometimes over the weekend. Last weekend we drove out to Peter Tavy, parked up, and walked out to Fur Tor with the hope of a good sunset to photograph.

The walk out from Peter Tavy is bleak at times, traversing through miles of bog and “bastard grass”, but is well worth the effort. The area has plenty of fresh and original compositions due to it’s interesting rock formations and camping is easy due to relatively rock-free ground. Bear in mind that you’ll need to be fairly self-sufficient in terms of water though, as even in perfect conditions you’re looking at a 15-20 minute walk to the nearest safe water-source.

 alt: Sunset over Tavy Cleave.
Sunset over Tavy Cleave.

The high winds during the afternoon and night made for a nippy meal sheltering between some rocks which did little to keep the wind off us. We’d hoped for a few more clouds to reflect the low sunlight at dusk and help crate more a show to photograph; this didn’t happen. The upside to this, however, was the completely cloud-free night which presented its own photo opportunities.

 alt: Stars over Fur Tor with the light from Tavistock in the background.
Stars over Fur Tor with the light from Tavistock in the background.

Throughout the night the high-winds stuck around, and even in the well-sheltered camping spot we’d chosen behind the hill the tents were constantly buffeted by the winds. Despite this we had the privilege of some jaw-dropping skies above the tents.

 alt: Mikes tent under the stars. Mines somewhere in the background
Mikes tent under the stars. Mines somewhere in the background, but I didn’t have a spare light to illuminate it.

At 5:30am the next morning I stuck my head out of my tent door, concluded it wasn’t worth getting up to photograph the sunset, and went back to sleep all without leaving my sleeping bag. A few hours later we were packing up setting off on the walk back to the car ready to sort the mountain of gear out after the trip.

 alt: Mike on the walk back
Mike on the walk back, just after White Tor.