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Systems, Code and Infrastructure

Server Security

Published: 13 August 2013

How I current go about securing a new server, with hope of helping and gaining feedback from others

Server Observer

Published: 5 August 2013

Some details on my new project I am embarking on for my final year project, Server Observer

The Setup

Published: 17 July 2013

A response to all the people who keep asking about my MacMini, and other kit

Placement - a year in review

Published: 1 July 2013

Thoughts about the experiences from my industrail placement during my degree at Plymouth University

Experiences with Nginx

Published: 22 June 2013

Documenting some of my experiences and problems that arroused when I made the decision to switch from Apache to Nginx

Writing Markdown

Published: 8 June 2013

Moving from iA Writer to Byword 2, for a more complete and better experience writing Markdown in a distraction-free environment

Opening danielgroves.net

Published: 6 April 2013

On opening the source of danielgroves.net, and some thoughts on open–source websites

Alfred Extensions

Published: 1 April 2013

A selection of Alfred extensions made to aid developers