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Plymouth JS Chromecast Talk

Published: 12 May 2016 · Tags: development, javascript, chromecast

Slides and additional information to go alongside the Chromecast talk I gave at Plymouth JS.

Google Chromecast is a small device with plugs into a TV with HDMI support and allows you to ‘cast’ content from Google Chrome and some mobile devices. It’s a well supported and cheap platform which I’m currently giving a talk on at Plymouth JS for how to develop for it using the Chrome SDK.

To tie things together I thought it would be good to make the slides available and demo source code available. The demo source code is on GitHub, and the readme should contain everything needed to get started. Slides are below, and I’ve hosted a copy of the demo app for playing with. For the demo to work you will need to be using Google Chrome with the Cast extension installed.

Slides from my Chromecast talk