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A VPN in minutes with Algo

Published: 16 December 2016 · Tags: security, vpn, infrastructure

Quickly get up and running with a VPN using your systems native client.

Over the last few months there’s been a bit of a race to arms with many folk arming themselves with a VPN for protection against Snoopers Charter – formally known as the Digital Economy Bill – amongst other reasons. For me personally, it’s as much a means of protecting myself on public WiFi from snooping third parties and compromised devices as I complete tasks with arguably more sensitive information online in public spaces.

I’ve spent some trying to get StrongSwan working one the last week, but Nick sent me a link to Algo yesterday. Within a few minutes of starting out with it I have a fully configured Digital Ocean instance (yes – that’s a referral link – but you get $10 to) running everything I require for my VPN, as well as a .mobileconfig file to install on my Mac OS and iOS computers and devices.

It was painless enough to work with I’m not going to say anything more on the topic past this — if you’re after a VPN, give it a go. It may well save you a lot of time.