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Systems, Code and Infrastructure

DigPen VI

Published: 30 March 2013

An experience from the sixth DigPen conference

Business Cards

Published: 20 March 2013

A preview of my new business cards, some thoughts on the Moo service, and 10% off

Version Three

Published: 16 March 2013

A look at some of the changes and decisions made in releasing version three of the site.

Behind the Scenes AppFlow 2.0

Published: 15 December 2012

An insight into the technologies behind the recently re-released AppFlow, from the building of the site all the way up to staging and production servers.

Digpen V: A Students Notes

Published: 29 September 2012

Notes from Talks at Digpen V; Including "Habits of Great Studios", "Node.js: Javascript from Client to Server and Beyond!", and "Whisky and Web Design".

The Importance of Well Written Code

Published: 5 July 2012

Badly documented code in now commonplace all over the web, I take a look into a few simple steps to help make code more maintainable and easier for others to understand.

WordPress Server Migrations

Published: 1 July 2012

After moving to a new server over the last few months I walk through a "bullet-proof" set of steps to migrate WordPress installations between servers with minimal downtime.

Starting Out with a VPS

Published: 1 June 2012

A look into why I decided to make the move from a grid hosting package to a VPS and some of the challenges I faced.