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You might enjoy some of my recent notebook entries below, or taking a peek at my portfolio. Otherwise, why not drop me an email to see if I can help.

Suggested Reading

  1. Solo. 02/09/2015
    A backpacking journey across Dartmoor from Okehampton to the East Dart River and onwards to Yelverton.
  2. Midnight Madness 23/07/2015
    Tom and I take part in the Dartmoor Search and Rescue annual midnight madness fundraising walk.
  3. Getting Started Backpacking 19/07/2015
    A look at the gear required to get started and go backpacking for the first time.
  4. Mind Games 29/06/2015
    A look at the psychological games attached to endurance racing in preparation for the Highland Trail 550 in 2016.
  5. Broad Falls Wild Camp 15/06/2015
    A trip out to Broad Falls, Dartmoor, to photograph the waterfalls with a dramatic backdrop
  1. Bikepacking at Teignhead Farm Ruin 25/05/2015
    A bikepacking trip across Dartmoor to wild camp and Teignhead Farm Ruin.
  2. Peter Tavy and Fur Tor 17/04/2015
    Backpacking to Fur Tor on Dartmoor for the Photography.
  3. The End of Photo365 12/03/2015
    At the end of 2014 I committed to making an attempt on a Photo365 challenge. It didn't go to plan, and here's why it wasn't a failure.
  4. Colour Shift with 32-bit RAW files in Lightroom 21/02/2015
    When creating 32-bit RAW images in Photoshop, Lightroom will render the image with incorrect colour. This can be solved through the use of Photoshop Smart Objects.
  5. Snow Day 04/02/2015
    The photographic results of a day spent on Dartmoor