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Published: 14 April 2016

A charity cycle expedition across Europe.

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Going Off Grid

Published: 15 November 2015

Why you should schedule more downtime.

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Mind Games

Published: 29 June 2015

A look at the psychological games attached to endurance racing in preparation for the Highland Trail 550 in 2016.

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The End of Photo365

Published: 12 March 2015

At the end of 2014 I committed to making an attempt on a Photo365 challenge. It didn't go to plan, and here's why it wasn't a failure.

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Colour Shift with 32-bit RAW files in Lightroom

Published: 21 February 2015

When creating 32-bit RAW images in Photoshop, Lightroom will render the image with incorrect colour. This can be solved through the use of Photoshop Smart Objects.

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2014 In Review

Published: 31 December 2014

The reasoning behind why I am shutting down the Server Observer service, and what's coming next for it.