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Published: 11 July 2010

The very first post to be published on this site, concentrating on the new design

I have been working on this new design for some-time. Since… April, I believe. I have spent hours going over this design time and time again, refining it further and further, until today, launch day.

Even though this site is now live their is still plenty to be done. More Notebook entries need to be written, although these are likely to be few and far between. A print style sheet need writing and a few things need fixing in IE. Despite these few things that do need to be done, I think the site is now in a state where it can be placed here, live for the world to see.

I have decided to include a checklist in this entry of everything I still need to do, here I will check off each item as it is completed until I am happy that is is all done, finished, complete.

  • Speed Optimisation
  • Credit Special Fonts
  • Print Stylesheets
  • Fix JavaScript in IE ((Internet Exploder))
  • Make the icon for the active image on the slider (homepage) change for the active image
  • Tweak Last.fm Integration
  • Mobile Layout
  • Fix website in every windows browser.... ever!

As and when I think of more for this list, I will add them. But, with a bit of luck I will not be adding anything, only taking things away.

Now I would like to ask all who see this what they think. Weather you are a novice of a web design pro, I want to know what you think. Please, feedback below with your thoughts.

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