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Web Applications Development

Published: 28 September 2010

A quick rundown of where I going to Univeristy and what I will be studying

University of Plymouth Logo
University of Plymouth

Web Application Development isn’t exactly what I am going to write about here today. I’m actually going to look at something a little different. What I’m actually going to write about is the course I am studying at university, which is called Web Applications Development.

For this course everyone studying it has to have a Blog, through which we will be writing about the work we do, for example next monday we will be doing a talk about a website, looking at what we like about it and what we don’t like. Everything, weather a small talk like this or a large website that we’re building we will have to write down our entire though process and so opens a new category, Web Application Development.

Anything to do with my coursework that is posted here will be placed within the category “WAD” so it is obviously separate for the rest of my posts.

So, how do you change categories? Thats coming. I have never had a system for viewing tags, viewing archives, searching etc on this site before simply being I have never felt there is enough content here to make it worth it. But now as the site grows I think it is time for such resources to be implemented over the coming weeks. Wehn they are ready I will post explaining how they work, but I won’t be making them normal of boring.

Any Questions? Fire away.

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