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Flash Game: Evaluation

Published: 4 February 2011

A reflection on the game production; what I could do better next time, and what I did well this time.

Making a game in flash isn’t easy. It takes a lot of time, especially if you are writing your first.

During this process I think their are plenty of things I could have done differently,or better, but these are some of the most importent that i feel I should consider next time.

1) Better Planning: In the future I think I should plan how I am going to implement my game better. I should create all necessary graphics and movie clips before I start coding, and then I should write out basic functions and event listeners before filling them in order to ensure Iw rite the most efficient code possible. 1) Debugging: In the future I should schedule more de-bugging time so this is not such as rushed process 1) Software Versions: At the start of this assignment it was not made clear that the game must be submitted in CS4 fortmat, over CS5. In the future I will ensure that it is as clear as possible as to which version I am expected to work with. The result of converting my work from the CS4 to the CS5 format was simply that I ended with 6-7 errors, oh which two were particularly difficult to solve. 1) Improved UI: If I was to go through this process again I would spend time designing features such as the UI in order to make them more intuitive and easier for the user to use.

These listed things that I would do better in the future could most definitely be extended, to things such as building my oen classes to optimise code, but I feel these are the most importent changes that I would make if I was to come back and do this project again in the future.

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