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Flash Game: Genre and Inspiration

Published: 3 February 2011

How I came to choose the genre for the game, and what inspired it.

I quickly decided that I would my flash game to be based around racing. This is a popular type of game to design in flash, so why did I choose it as my genre? Why not an action or puzzle based game?

Racing games, are in my mind, a classic game for the younger generation to play. They are simple to play, and often addictive especially when you are competing for the best time against your friends.

Once I had made this decision on what genre of game I wanted to create I made the decision to start on my research.


In order to do research for my flash game I both went onto some popular gaming websites, and googled for similar games. Below are some of the better games I found that I took inspiration from.

Racing Game from flash tutorial

This first game was found at the bottom of a flash tutorial on Emanuele Feronato’s website. This game is simple, it has a basic course for a vehicle to navigate around. The vehicle in this game must be timed doing 10 laps of the course. At the end of your ten laps, the game simply tells you how long you took to do the ten laps.

When playing this game I decided that I wanted to use the idea of having multiple laps that this game used. I realised that by doing this I would be able to create more competition on a smaller course, giving people more time to crash, and making it harder for people to score highly.

Trails 2

The next game I looked at is called Trails 2, and was found on Miniclip.

I quickly decided that I did not want to create this type of game. I made this decision because I found the game hard to control and unpredictable. As a result of this I though the game may not be suitable for younger people, who tend to play the most online-games in my experience. I wanted to keep my game simple and as easy to use as possible so that people of all ages can play it.

Drift Runners 2

The next game I looked at was called Drift Runners 2, on Game Adicted. I decided that I liked the top-down approach that this game has, this makes it easy to see ahead, and also make sit easy to play the game as you can see where on the track you are.

What I didn’t like about this game was the principle of “drifting”. Instead I decided at this point that I wanted to keep cornering simple. I wanted the user to simply be able to press the arrow key that points in the direction that they want to go, over having to try and line the car up in the direction that they wanted to go.


I think that these games clearly show a whole in the market for a new type of racing game, a hole which I feel that I can fill with my game. These games all share one issue, which is simply that they are either complicated to play, or too hard to play for the younger audience. By keeping my game simple I feel that I can fill this market gap and create a game that is interesting for people of all ages.

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