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Design Process: Character Design

Published: 27 March 2012

The initial sketches of each chacter and the various states they can sit in.

This blog post is designed to follow up to the Game Concept post.

With the concept for my Game now decided I needed to proceed to design each of the characters. I decided that I would have one main character and two different enemies to use in the demonstration of the game. These are the Sausage itself, a Frying Pan and a Knife. The Frying Pan and Knife would then kill the Sausage on touch.

The Sausage

The Sausage is the main character that the user will play as it makes it’s bid for freedom. The Sausage artwork needed to have multiple different stages available as the user moves through the level they will be jumping, falling, walking, running, standing.

State One

The first of the Sausages states is a very ‘Idle’ state. As a result this is the graphic that I have have chosen to use for the Standing, Walking, and Jumping states.

The Sausage in it's Idle state

That Sausage is in an upright position which makes it idle for slow moving meant and states where it is in the air.

State Two

The second state for the Sausage is the falling state. In this state the sausage looks down towards the ground as if spotting where it is going to land. It also has the addition of she lines above to suggest the Sausage is falling at speed.

Falling Sausage

State Three

The final state is the Sausage running. In this state the sausage has it’s head down as if it is really putting effort into moving as fast as possible.

Falling Sausage

The Knife

The next character in the game will be the Knife. The Knife will be used as an enemy. If the Sausage touches the Knife they will then get cut and so die, getting sent back to the start of the level.


The Frying Pan

The Frying Pan is the second enemy in the game. The frying pan will be sat on the kitchens cookers, with the principle that if the Sausage lands in one it gets burnt and dies as a result.

Frying Pan


All of these characters have all of the necessary states to build the game successfully and demon straight the planning that has gone into each of them. Before choosing each of these images I drew multiple version so I could choose the ones that would fit with the game the most.

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