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Design Process: Level Creation

Published: 27 March 2012

A detailed look into how the levels were developed, making use of the designs and graphics that had already been completed.

The blog post was designed as a follow up to the Level Design post.

The level creation phase of the games development was key to it’s success. During this phase I had to be careful accurately build the designs that were previously discussed.

During this phase I turned the shapes from the previous designs into artwork that would be found in a kitchen so that everything fitted in well with the game.

The first level to be converted was the Introduction level.

Level 1 in StencylWorks

This level, as can be seen, does not feature any enemies as it was designed to allow the user to try clearing pits and climbing large structures to get used to the game controls.

The second level introduced the first enemy.

Level 2 in StencylWorks

This level was designed to introduce the user to the first of the enemies, the Frying Pan. When the user touches a Frying Pan they are killed adding one to their death count and placing them back at the start of the level.

The third level introduced the second enemy, the Knife.

Level 3 in StencylWorks

This level forces the user to practice more more controlled movement as the area in which they can move are much smaller than those in the previous levels. This all builds up to the final level.

Level 4 in StencylWorks

The games closing level requires a lot of careful skill and control as they user has to manoeuvrethe Sausage through tight spaces in order to stay alive. The blank areas where the artwork in this map just stops cannot be seen and so filling the areas was not necessary.

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