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Design Process: Level Design

Published: 27 March 2012

Initial sketches and thoughts that were later developed into full levels for the game.

The blog post was designed as a follow up to the Game Concept post.

Each of the level in the game was carefully designed on paper before it was implemented. I initially decided to concentrate on creating a level shape as opposed to worrying about where the enemies would be placed.

Level One - Introduction

I started by creating an introductory level with the idea of intruding the user to the game controls. This level would then act as more of a obstacle level where the most ht user would have to avoid in order to stay alive is a bottomless pit.

By doing this the user would have a level to get used to the control of the game and how to move around.

Level One Outline

Level Two - The First Enemy

The second level bring in the first enemy. This is a frying pan, where if the Sausage is to touch the frying pan, it would then die as a result of getting burnt. After designing the layout of the level I carefully placed these new enemies around the level in order to introduce the user to the concept of the Frying Pan.

Level Two Outline

Level Three - The Other Enemy

The third level was designed to introduce the third and final enemy into the system. This second enemy is the Kitchen Knife which will naturally kill the Sausage on touch.

Level Three Outline

Level Four - The Final Challenge

The final level has been designed to push the user and test their skills in avoiding the enemies and also moving around with precision in order to make it to th send of the level.

Level Four Outline


This article shows the thought that went into each level design as I developed a layout for each. Once this was completed I developed these level and their artwork in StencylWorks, as detailed in the next post.

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