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Design Process: Project Completion

Published: 28 March 2012

Post development testing, debugging, and final thoughts.

With all of the previously detailed work completed the initial development of the game was then complete. The game was then tried by ten other people studying the same module in the search of improvements that could be made.

During the trial of the game a bug was found at the very end of the games final level where it was possible to jump off the end of the map resetting the level back to the start rather than proceeding to the score screen. I fixed this for the final game, as demonstrated below.

This second copy of the game above demonstrates the fixed game with no known bugs.

I feel that overall this was a successful project from the artwork concept generation all the way through to the finished article.

I would like to have seen more time go into the graphics such as the kit chi artwork or the addition of some sound effects, but these could not be added due to time limitations and have to balance work between other modules at the same time.

If I was to attempt this project again I would put more time into the Sausage to ensure that it can be identified solely as a Sausage rather than another object that is less worthy of discussion.

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