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Published: 20 March 2013

A preview of my new business cards, some thoughts on the Moo service, and 10% off

After deciding I would like to do more freelance work I figured it was time I started to try and make better use of networking events such as DigPen in order to spread my name around. This, in truth, is part of the reason I decided to redesign my portfolio website recently; I didn’t feel I should try and sell myself on things that I’ve not even found time to put into practice on my own website.

As part of this I recently decided to get some business cards printed which have arrived with plenty of time to spare for DigPen.

Luxe business cards from Moo.com
Luxe business cards from Moo.com

These cards are the Luxe model from Moo. They provided great service and delivered before the predicted date, keeping me up–to–date with frequent emails from “Little MOO” — the print robot.

The Moo service was great, right from when I requested more details about the exact shade of blue they used in the blue Luxe cards through to doing a quality–control check on my cards before sending them to print. Without these little steps I wouldn’t have felt so confident with sending them to print; this being the first time I’ve done any print design before.

Overall, I couldn’t recommend Moo enough, great quality with fantastic customer service; for 10% off you can use this referral link.

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