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Alfred Extensions

Published: 1 April 2013

A selection of Alfred extensions made to aid developers

With the release of Alfred v2 powerpack users have more flexibility than ever to create custom worlkflows. I have put together three quick extensions to make my own life easier, although others are more than welcome to take an use, or modify, these for any purpose.

Responsive Calucator

Responsive Calculator workflow for Alfred
Responsive Calculator workflow for Alfred

The first extension is a responsive calulator. After getting tired of manually doing the maths for every box I was creating when converting a PSD to a web page I decided to make an extension to do this for me.

The script is triggered using rc and requires two parameters. The first should be the with of the item you want to calculate the percentage width for and the other should be the width of the container. The default container width is 980px.

For example, for a 300px wide div in a 900px wide container you would type rc 300 900 at which point the script would return 33.33%.

Download Responsive Calculator

Search MDN

Search MDN workflow for Alfred
Search MDN workflow for Alfred

This second extension is a quick custom search workflow. Simply type mdn followed by what you want to search the Mozilla Developer Network for. I primarily use this one for looking up css attributes to see what parameters they can take.

Download Search MDN

Search PHP Documentation

Search PHP workflow for Alfred
Search PHP workflow for Alfred

Searches the PHP documentation site for any provided input. If the input is a valid function name (e.g. str_replace) it will take you directly to the documentation page for that function. An example search for the str_replace() function would be php str_replace

Download Search PHP Documentation

If anyone has any suggestions for more extensions, improvments to my existing ones or finds any bugs please drop me an email or comment below.

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