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2014 In Review

Published: 31 December 2014 · Tags: review

The reasoning behind why I am shutting down the Server Observer service, and what's coming next for it.

The last twelve months have been busy and productive. Software projects have been started, written and shipped, while sport-challenges have been planned and completed.

As the year started I was mid-way through the final year of my degree. I’d just started writing the code for Server Observer, and within a few months I had beta testers actively using the service. By April it was finished enough for my degree, so I proceeded to write the rather hefty dissertation to go with it during April and early May. The project saw me take a steep learning curve and pick-up multiple new technologies; Python, PostgreSQL, Redis, Django, Ansible and the Twilio API just to name a few.

Since this date I have made the decision to kill-off the hosted project and open-source everything with the hope of others helping push this foreword in the right direction.

Thanks to months of hard work I am glad to say this project saw me walk straight into a job with Vualto after university and then graduate in September.

The summer was busy; after accepting my job I had just a week to find and sign the contract for a flat before going on holiday for two weeks and starting work the day after my return. Just three weeks later I was off again with a university friend to cycle from John O’ Groats to Lands End via the Outer Hebrides (you can read about this in my adventures and photography section with part one and two).

As a result of 235 hours and 22 minutes recorded in the saddle this year I have cycled 4,207km with 55,984m of elevation gain over the year.

Heading back into the realm of the web and software this year has seen 251 open-source contributions over numerous repositories including both my own and those of others. This is set to increase further when I get around to cleaning up much of my university work from the start of the year and open sourcing the parts that I can safely, as well as Server Observer, in January 2015 (I hope!).

Objectives in 2015

To be clear these are not another set of those new-years resolutions that everyone makes and nobody archives. This just happens to be a convenient moment in time to review what I have done of late, and what I should work towards next. Call it foreword-planning.

  • To complete one major bike packing loop or event. Candidates are current the Cairngorm Loop, the Highland 550 and the Bear Bones 200.
  • To take and submit one carefully considered photography everyday for 365 days. I’m calling this photo365, and you can checkout my effort on my photo365 page.
  • To write more frequent notebook and adventures and photography posts.
  • To increase the variety in my sport, in order to help increase the photographic opportunities.
  • To redesign this site to better reflect my current interests and my current projects.

If I achieve all of is in 2015 it’ll be another rather good year.