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Mountain Photo of the Year Competition

Published: 12 September 2015 · Tags: photography, competition

How you can support me in the UK Mountain Photo of the Year Competition

Back in July I entered the Mountain Photo of the Year competition on a whim. I didn’t expect to get anywhere, expecting my three entries to simply be discarded as not worthy.

It was much to my surprise this week when it was pointed out to me that I had one of my entries featured in Trail Magazine. On further investigation, it seems I’ve managed to make it as on of the twenty-two finalists in the competition.

My entry was fairly and sensibly describes by Trail Magazine, especially as few people seem to know that Dartmoor is the one of the UKs lowest mountainous regions.

Proof that mountains don’t have to be tall and pointy to create a great outdoor image: a Dartmoor wild camp

Trail Magazine
 alt: Dartmoor wild camp – UK Mountain Photo of the Year runner up entry
 alt: Broad falls  alt: Rannoch Moor Deer
Dartmoor wild camp – UK Mountain Photo of the Year runner up entry
Broad Falls, second entry — Rannoch Moor Deer, third entry

Each of the images featured here have their own story behind them; the finalist entry was from a bikepacking trip with a group of mates on Dartmoor, and the Broad Falls shot is from a backpacking trip with another set of friends. The final image taken on Rannoch Moor, Scotland, was from a rather eventful day trip.

If you’ve got ten-seconds to cast a vote, your vote would be very helpful. It will aid me in bringing you more stories with better-yet imagery in the future.

If you have the time to share this post, or to show support for my image it would really help spread the word about the competition, and hopefully gain some more votes towards my images. I’ve prepared a tweet to help, which can be shared with the tweet button below.