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Review: Saal Digital Aluminium Dibond Prints

Published: 30 July 2017 · Tags: print, photography, review

A look at the Aluminium Dibond prints from Saal Digital.

I’ve been wanting to try some Aluminium Dibond prints for the last year or so, having only had paper-based prints so far. Dibond has been an attractive option for numerous reasons: it’s durable, looks clean and modern, and it doesn’t need framing which helps offset and expensive part of getting prints done. I recently ordered two such prints from Saal Digital, a print company based in Germany.

I ordered two prints using the Saal Digital desktop software; this is a cross-platform Adobe Air based program. It does the job, and seems to have everything that’s needed to place orders within the application, however there’s much to be left desired for in terms of user experience. It’s not a sleek and easy to use program, but clunky and often not the easiest to find functionality in such as changing the size of a print you’re ordering. Still, the desktop software is not what I’m paying for so I can forgive this, although it would be nice to see some additional effort put in here to improve it.

 alt: Print of the Ankogelgruppe Mountains
Ankogelgruppe Mountains, Austria.

After ordering the prints arrived promptly, about five working days after I placed the order, via DHL from Germany. I ordered two prints, one a 20x30 and the other a 20x60 panorama. I got both with the aluminium sub-frame on the back for mounting at a cost of £6. The is a versatile way to mount prints which creates a small space behind of roughly 15mm and is as simple to put up as hooking the groove in the sub-frame onto a screw or nail in the wall.

 alt: Print of Great Staple Tor
Print of Great Staple Tor, Dartmoor.

Once mounted the finished effect is an elegant and modern looking piece of work, not unlike that which you might wish to find in a gallery. The prints have a slightly plasticky texture up close, but from normal viewing distances this disappears entirely leaving a dead sharp and professional looking print.

 alt: Aluminium sub-frame on the back of the smaller print.
Aluminium sub-frame on the back of the smaller print.

The finish is durable enough that I would feel comfortable mounting the prints in a damp bathroom or, with a suitable mount, outside. The spacing in the mount will stop moisture from getting trapped behind as as there’s no frame there there’s nothing to go mouldy in this environment. For outside mounting Saal give the option of including a “stand-off” mount at a cost of £30 which is suitable for outside mounting.

I’d have no hesitation in ordering these again from Saal Digital. The end product arrived promptly, and stands up to my expectations in full. They’re a versatile way to get prints, and I’ve been left keen to try some of the other available options such as Acrylic Glass prints.