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Last Updated: 5 November 2015

What I'm working on, right now

This page was inspired by the /now movement. The idea here is to maintain a /now page which explains what you’re working on right now.

Primary Focuses

  • Photography: I’m trying to push my photography forward with a view to selling prints.
  • Adventures: I love getting out and seeing the world, so I’m focusing on lots of microadventures with bigger ones in the pipeline for the near future.
  • Big Adventure: I’m getting ready to leave for a big adventure on June 5th. The adventure is called Eurovelo, and is a 4500km cycle ride across Europe to raise money for charity.
  • Reading: I love books, so I’m reading as many as I can.
  • Writing: I’m trying to write new and fresh content for this website. It’s grown a little too stale for my liking in certain areas, so I’d like to get more frequent content rolling forward.
  • Code: I’m working on a project, which will be open-sourced in the near future. More details coming soon.


Plymouth, Devon, UK

Professional Titles

One liner about what you do

I write software to pay the bills so that I can go on adventures and inspire others to do the same through photography and storytelling.

Why do you do what you do?

I love the process of producing things that others can enjoy; weather that is to build life-changing software or to inspire others to leave technology behind and get outside. Photography is a particularly appealing activity because it combines everything I love; being outdoors, inspiring others and producing a final results that other can truly enjoy. In a world where everything is becoming digital it’s nice to be working on something that, at the end of the process, I can actually enjoy as a physical artifact.

Recent thought or epiphany

A great landscape does not make a great picture, and a great picture does not make a great landscape.

Recommended book or article

Racing Through the Dark: The Fall and Rise of David Millar by David Millar is a fascinating insight into the true qualities of professional road racing, the pressures that some with it and the internal drug abuse culture. A fascinating read that I can thoroughly recommend.