Daniel Groves

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Hi there, I'm Daniel Groves. I'm a photographer, adventurer, and developer who is addicted to the mountains.


I am a photographer who spends as much time shooting and editing photographs as breathing. I primarily work with travel & landscape, but have been known to dabble in action–sport and street photography in the past.

I go on regular microadventures in order to access remote locations; these are often grueling exercises in some bad conditions all for one shot - if the light is right.


The best photo's have a story behind them. They say a photo can tell a thousand words; but it can't tell every detail of what it took to achieve it.

After an adventure I try to tell the story through both words and photos, giving the lows and the highs to try and get across what they're really like, why I do it, and to inspire others to follow suit. It's these stories that populate my adventures and photography pages.


I develop clean and maintainable code for my own projects and my employer. I work in a number of languages including C#, Python, and Ruby. I also have experience with web frameworks such as Django and ASP.net.

I regularly share what I am working on through my GitHub profile to help others learn and contribute towards projects. For example, you can find the source-code for this website in it's open–source repository.

Thumbnail for Plainsuffering 2019 250km course

Plainsuffering 2019 250km course

Published: 6 October 2019

A brief insight into racing the inaugural Plainsuffering — a 250km bikepacking gravel race over Sailisbury plain and the surrounding area.

Thumbnail for Eurovelo: Italy

Eurovelo: Italy

Published: 26 May 2019

A brief glimpse into the Italian countryside and culture.

Thumbnail for Van Electrics Fitout Part 1

Van Electrics Fitout Part 1

Published: 28 September 2019

Getting a split caharge setup for a leisure battery installed under the drivers seat.