Daniel Groves

Web designer and developer based in southwest England

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I'm a web designer and developer in the southwest of England.

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Clean and minimal design which puts the content first in a clear way helps to sell a product or brand. By keeping the design simple it appeals to a large audience while making it clear and easy for a user to find their way around the site.

I work with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to develop responsive designs in the browser. This way you can see how the finished product will look and behave, this prevents you having a static product with a poor experience whilst saving you money.


All code is clean, maintainable and object-oriented. This helps to future-proof work so that code is easily expandable, efficient and maintainable. I can work with a number of languages including Python, Java, PHP, and C#.

I use GIT for version control in all of my projects to ensure that it is easily to collaborate with other developers, experiment new with features and control changes.


The End of Photo365 12/03/2015
At the end of 2014 I committed to making an attempt on a Photo365 challenge. It didn't go to plan, and here's why it wasn't a failure.
Colour Shift with 32-bit RAW files in Lightroom 21/02/2015
When creating 32-bit RAW images in Photoshop, Lightroom will render the image with incorrect colour. This can be solved through the use of Photoshop Smart Objects.
Jekyll Deployment 19/01/2015
Using GitLab CI to automate Jekyll Deployments.
2014 In Review 31/12/2014
The reasoning behind why I am shutting down the Server Observer service, and what's coming next for it.


  • Plymouth fireworks over the Barbian
  • A view from the base of Helvellyn
  • Simon Humpheries riding Main Line in Cann Woods, Plymouth
  • Charlie Sherman riding Badger track in Cann Woods, Plymouth
  • Low Bank, Cumbria